Terms of Service (ToS)

We do our best to keep our terms of service very simple and rely quite heavily on the common sense of our users to not abuse the services they are provided for free.

It is therefore important that you read this page fully and where required please do ask questions before signing up.

In the event you are making changes to your existing website or another service that you already have, please consider whether it remains in compliance with these terms and again, ask if you are not sure.

Free Hosting - Terms of Service
  1. Services are only available to UK resident individuals, no companies.
  2. All public-facing pages must be in the English language with the exception of legacy users in Singapore.
  3. All content served via a website or files stored on our servers must comply with United Kingdom laws.
  4. Free domains such as .tk must not be used.
  5. Shared/Reseller plans must be used for the purpose of building websites.
  6. Shared/Reseller plans must not be used purely for storage or email.
  7. VPS plans must not abuse resources, be used for ToR or any other purpose other than what would be considered standard by Free2Host.
  8. You accept that staff may access and review files stored on our servers if they have concerns about your activity.
  9. Any services that attract negative media attention, DDoS attacks or are felt inappropriate may be terminated at our discretion.
  10. We accept no responsibility for loss of revenue as a result of downtime or termination of service.

It really is that simple. If you have any questions or concerns you may not be able to meet our terms then get in touch first. It is better to ask and be told no than spend time creating a website only to have it terminated without notice. You can email [email protected]