Free Web Hosting Services

A bit of background

I have been providing paid hosting services, mainly in the UK for almost 20 years. During that time I built up a significant business with a sizeable turnover whilst maintaining a career in banking. In mid-2019 I was made an offer for the business and I accepted. Part of the sale agreement was that I could not offer any kind of paid-for hosting service until at least September 2021. Whilst I have no current intention of returning to paid hosting in the future, I do still want to be involved in the industry and keep my hand in just in case my view on wanting to sell services changes.

What is different about this service to the majority of other free services?

There are a couple of main reasons why. First, I am not coming into free hosting with any expectation of what I can earn from it, as noted above I cannot earn even if I wanted to. As a follow on from that the second reason is that I am not starting a free service in the hope of converting clients to a paid service in order to pay for the free one, the main reason most free hosts disappear fairly quickly as clients don’t convert. In addition, funding is not an issue, in fact, the cost of running a service like this is inconsequential in the grand scheme of other projects I am involved in and the cost of them. I have taken disclosure to a higher level than any other free hosts. Any services you see offered on this site also disclose the provider and until when funding has been provided to cover the cost of the service. I have no issues in any provider being asked publicly and permit them to disclose. The bottom line, I cannot gain financially from this and I am not looking for that. So with no financial reason to do this, it has to be the love of hosting!

Service Providers

All service providers I use are chosen as they offer good services rather than cheap services. They must all be in business for at least 5 years, some exceptions for those I know well. Paying more to avoid performance issues and downtime means less time for you complaining and less time for me responding to complaints. Finding the right provider can be daunting in this industry but with my experience and knowledge it is somewhat of an easier task.

It’s a long term personal project, run like a business

I never take on a project like this without a lot of thought, I understand the commitment required, the issues that can arise, the abuse that will come. My own personal interest and history in hosting is the driver for this project. Having said that, I will run it like any other business I have been involved in. A free service to me does not mean providing poor service. Many will ask, “How long will the service last?”. On that all I can say to you is that the service launched in January 2020, visit often and see for yourself.