HostMantis has been around for many years, I have followed them throughout those years. This site currently runs on a cPanel Reseller in the UK provided by them.

Some Background to HostMantis

If I recall correctly it was around 2010 they rebranded to HostMantis, not sure what they went by prior to that. They have until recently been a solid, budget provider of mainly shared/reseller hosting services in several locations covering the USA, Europe and Asia.

Previously based on cPanel exclusively, they are a provider that has branched out into offering DirectAdmin services, largely if not solely due to the cPanel price hikes.

They are based in the USA.

Opinions found around the web

A search of the Web has found a few notable points of interest.

Accurate at April 2021

Some reviews found on Trustpilot, 74% 5-star rating, 89% with 4/5 stars. That is decent.

The negative reviews have been replied to by HostMantis and appear to be related to abuse/fraud rather than poor performance, slow support or other important factors that would give cause for concern.

Other reviews seen around the web, especially on forums such as WebHostingtalk, Lowendtalk and LowendSpirit are all good. In fact, they seem to be a preferred choice for many in industry forums where people are very experienced in hosting and not so easy to please.

Some negative press

There were some negative comments seen on forums around the time of the cPanel pricing change. HostMantis responded to the change by increasing pricing and limiting the number of accounts each reseller plan could create.

That alone was not uncommon at the time. Unfortunately, HostMantis did not handle it very well in relation to the way they did it. Those that had recurring pricing deals were told the pricing would not be honoured at the next renewal.

There was a further issue when they made more changes to the plans and honestly, it was badly handled.

What I believe and this is just my opinion. HostMantis got caught out like most hosting providers on the 1st cPanel price hike but they got caught out again when it happened a 2nd time. So they hiked up pricing on some plans by a considerable amount to get ahead and not get caught a 3rd time.

Although I agree they badly handled the situation, twice. I have some sympathy as they have not been the only host to be in that position and make an equally poor job of the PR around it.

None of the above had any impact on the good performance and service offered.

Why I like and use them

I have a cPanel reseller with them for my own personal sites, as mentioned this site is hosted on it. It is the basic reseller at $9.95 per month.

With 20 years of experience behind me in the web hosting industry, I really don’t a control panel based hosting service. I am perfectly capable of hosting sites without a panel on a VPS/Dedicated server. But sometimes you just need a reliable reseller to take away all the hassle of manually setting things up.

For me there are three key areas that I like


Never had an issue in this regard, even with a plugin heavy WordPress install like this site it always runs smoothly.


I have raised a few tickets, no longer than 30 minutes to resolve. The most recent a couple of weeks ago related to a server configuration issue. Fixed within 15 minutes.


It’s all there, LiteSpeed, JetBackup, Imunify360, CloudLinux, PHP X-Ray and more. I especially like that they allow you to create personal backups and send them externally.

Something I find particularly useful as noted above is the ability to send backups to a remote location. It’s one of the main reasons for using the service.

I am sensitive to data safety (so should you be). I want to be sure that the provider is taking backups so that if something goes wrong the restoration of files should be easier. But I also want to make sure I can store my own backups and have them automated so I don’t need to remember and do it manually.

Every night a backup is taken through a job set up in JetBackup which send my compressed backups of all sites to Amazon S3 in Ireland. Not that I don’t trust HostMantis but should anything bad happen, I have my files safely stored off-server.

In the image above you can see the provider backups Rsync-SW and my backups Amazon-S3. I can also restore those backups directly from S3 if needed.

So overall, very happy with the service and one I would definitely recommend. Given this site is running on that service you can tell for yourself how it performs.

Give them a try with a 25% discount

If you want to try them out there is a coupon code you can use. WHT25OFF will get you a recurring 25% discount on at least shared and reseller hosting. It may work on other services.