Hetzner Cloud

I have been a customer of Hetzner for many years, a user of Hetzner Cloud since 2018. In fact, when I was a web hosting provider I had my own rack space in their Falkenstein data centre as well as using their own dedicated servers.

This review and addition to my preferred hosting options is their cloud service.

Background to Hetzner Cloud

Although Hetzner is a longstanding provider of dedicated servers they are actually relatively new to the cloud scene. 2018 was when it became available. When you consider other providers such as DigitalOcean arrived in 2011, Linode in 2003 and Vultr in 2014.

It promised a budget approach with resources to leave other cloud providers in their wake and it was true.

Given that Hetzner design, build and own their entire infrastructure is the reason why they are so competitive on their dedicated server side of the business. A good server that would cost you £100+ per month in the UK would be £35/£40 per month at Hetzner.

They have two data centres in Germany, Nuremberg and Falkenstein. Recently they built a new one in Helsinki. All of their services are offered out of these 3 locations only.

What Hetzner Cloud offers

In a nutshell, they offer amazing levels of resource for a little bit of money. For example, just €2.99 per month you can have 1 Virtual CPU, 20GB NVMe, 2GB Ram and 20TB monthly bandwidth. Yeah, just €2.99, add 20% to that and you get backups. For me in the UK that also includes taxes so nothing more to pay.

If you look closely at a few of their plans the pricing is simply phenomenal for the resource they are offering. To put this in perspective here is what $20 per month will get you at a few providers.

Hetzner4160GB NVMe8GB20TB$17.44
DigitalOcean260GB NVMe2GB3TB$18.00
Vultr280GB NVMe2GB3TB$18.00
Linode280GB SSD4GB4TB$20.00

Accurate as at April 2021

I have tried to match each plan as close to Hetzner as I can without actually going over $20. AS you can see Hetzner offer twice as much CPU and Disk as any other and 4 times ram other than Linode where they offer twice as much. And all for less money.


Generally speaking, cloud server performance is great, the network can be spotty and it is certainly not the best it could be. For the money, it is perfectly fine. Probably the most common complaint I have seen about Hetzner is network. Personally, I have had the odd issue at peak traffic times but no so bad to cause me concern.

Panel Features

Although a bit behind on panel features they are relatively new to the market but adding new features in a reasonable cycle.

Test VPS, destroyed by the time you read this

The essentials are there which include

  • Intel or AMD processor options
  • Local NVMe or Ceph Network Storage
  • Backups charged at 20% of VPS cost
  • Snapshots at €0.012 per GB/month
  • Volumes at €0.048 per GB/month
  • Graphs displaying live key metrics
  • Load balancers
  • Firewall
  • Floating/Private IP
  • About 100 ISOs to choose from

Unless you have very specific needs you will find everything is there to cover the most commons features most want. By the time you read this more features may have been added.

Why I like Hetzner Cloud

To be honest it is simply the price and the resource offered for the price. I mean as if €2.99 was not low enough they give you 1 Vcpu, 2GB ram, 20GB NVMe and 20TB bandwidth and they just keep throwing more at you the more you spend. €10 max gets you so much more than others.

At present, I use them for testing, game servers for my kids or whenever I just need something quick, cheap and easy.

But at the same time, their support and overall cloud performance are great. I have been using them since day 1 and yet to have a single issue. I have opened a couple of tickets as I found bugs in their panel early on and the response was swift as was the fix.

Shortly after posting this review, Hetzner announced some new cloud plans. They are higher-end options but use the new AMD EPYC 7003 Processors. Plans start at €23 per month for 2 dedicated cores, 8GB Ram, 80GB NVMe and 20TB Bandwidth. Check them out in more detail over here.