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Free Web Hosting Update

As we approach nearly 2 years of providing free web hosting I felt an update was due. Overall the service is doing great, can we do better? Sure, get in touch and let us know what that could be.

We have been providing Free Web Hosting services for close to 2 years now. The number of active users hovers around 500 depending on cancellations, removals and new sign-ups. A number I am fairly comfortable with but there is scope to increase that dependent on demand.

The last two years have seen a lot of changes, largely due to abuse management but the service has settled down into a successful example of what a free service should be. Some may not agree of course but then the expectations of users is often far above anything reasonable.

Free Web Hosting in the UK

When I started this service I tried to accommodate everyone, mistake #1. With services in many locations initially it just resulted in abuse on a scale I wasn’t willing to deal with.

Over time I scaled back the locations, removing the most abused which were largely in Singapore and Las Vegas. Unfortunately, all that did was lead to those abusers signing up for what locations were available.

What was clear over time was that the least abusive users were coming from the UK and the service was receiving many sign-ups within the UK. Ultimately it made sense to focus on that region exclusively.

The result has been a growing number of sign-ups, very little abuse, less than 1% in fact. The abuse is largely from those not in the UK that manage to get through undetected initially.

Free web hosting UK

So it has been a good decision to focus solely on the UK market for this service and that is the way it will continue.

The Future for Free Web Hosting

Throughout the rest of 2021 at least, there will be no further changes. Given how well things are running at this time I see no need to do anything new or different at this time.

With the additional support of Adam to assist me we are working really well together and keeping everything ticking over. Working with users to adapt existing plans to their growing needs and supporting them with tickets answered within an average of 60 minutes.

As I have always said, we are not trying to be the biggest. Whether we have 500 or 5,000 users it makes no difference, there is no money involved here, no pressure on us to be anything we don’t want to be.

Get in touch

I am always interested to hear any suggestions for improvement to the service, so get in touch. If you are an existing user raise a ticket or drop an email to [email protected]