BuyVM & BuyShared

Another provider on my preferred list of hosts is BuyVM which is a VPS provider but they also have a shared/reseller hosting brand called BuyShared. This is a provider where cheap, fast and good come together.

BuyVM Background

Since 2010 they have emerged from humble beginnings to a well known and key player in the budget market. You will struggle to find anything bad about them. Run by Francisco Diaz (Fran) he is a very respected member of the web hosting community. You will often see him posting in the various hosting forums.

One of the big positives is they continue to add more features to their service without hiking the price to match. For added extras included in their pricing, they are hard to beat.

What does BuyShared offer?

This part of the service focuses on Shared & Reseller hosting. For many years it was based on cPanel, you can still get cPanel plans but they are trying to phase them out.

Currently, they use DirectAdmin. Their Shared plans start at just $8 and that is for a full 12 months and it increases to $18 annually.

Their reseller plans start at $2 per month for 20GB NVMe, unlimited bandwidth and users accounts. It goes up to $7 per month which will get you 125GB NVMe. They even provide a dedicated IP address.

Locations: Las Vegas – New York – Luxembourg

I do not currently use BuyShared but I have and there is nothing bad to say. Performance is way above average for the price and support is always very responsive.

What does BuyVM offer?

This is the service that just amazes me in terms of value. Sometimes it is hard to fathom how they provide so much. Their VPS plans referred to as ‘Slices’ are the core product. KVM Slices.

Their base pricing starts at just $2 per month for 512MB Ram and 10GB SSD you have fair shared access to 1 CPU core.

From $15 per month you get 1 full CPU core all to yourself, 4GB Ram and 80GB SSD.

Locations: Las Vegas – New York – Luxembourg

At this point (April 2021) they are upgrading a lot of their servers to AMD providing faster core speeds and NMVe drives.

Pricing goes all the way up to $100+ per month depending on your needs

Available Extras

Considering the pricing above there is clear value in what is being offered, but there is more. The following is available at no extra charge from BuyVM.


  • Free DirectAdmin Licence
  • Free Blesta Billing/Support Software
  • Free Softaculous Software
  • Total value = $50 per month

Paid Extras

  • $3 DDoS Protection
  • $1.25 for each 256GB Storage Slab
  • Backups at 10% of the Slice Cost
  • $1 Managed MySQL database

So for those looking to establish themselves as a hosting provider you are making massive savings on licences to get started then you some cheap but useful paid add-ons if you need them.

Why I Like Them

BuyVM has been around for a long time now, over a decade. There is no stagnation, continually rolling out new services, features and extra software often at no extra charge.

They built their own VPS panel called Stallion. It works really well and has all the features you would expect. Some areas are lacking such as being able to inject your SSH key at the time of install, visible metrics and other elements that you would take for granted at providers such as DigitalOcean but they are a small team and prioritise what is important based on user needs.

Currently, I have a $15 slice in Luxembourg on their new Ryzen servers. Performance is fantastic overall. I also have DirectAdmin installed and I am using the Softaculous licence. So for $15, I am also getting a further $30+ per month in free software included.

I am also using the backup service at another $1.50 per month. Given the savings on licences, it is a small price to pay, and that is not just a saying, at $1.50 it really is a small price.

Their panel is shown above. I have blacked out the IP and host name details.

BuyVM is proof you can have your cake and eat it. Sure there are other providers out there that can offer many more features, locations and plans. But for a simple, solid and still very feature-rich offering BuyVM remains hard to beat.

Other providers may be able to offer more in some areas, what you won’t find is that they offer the same value or extras for the same base price offered here.