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Free UK Web Hosting

From 1st May we will be offering Free UK Web Hosting in the UK only. All other locations will continue to function fine, they just won’t be available again. There are a couple of reasons for this.

Free UK Web Hosting Abuse

Abuse is a major issue with free hosting providers, so we want to minimise the amount of time spent dealing with that and more time supporting users and maintaining the service.

Free UK Web Hosting

Simply put when we know the user is from the UK there is a 94% chance they will use the service as intended and not be an issue. Conversely, there is an 86% chance of abuse in all other locations and from users not signing up for the UK. So, makes sense not to focus on anywhere but the UK.

UK Infrastructure

As we operate from the UK and have servers there it makes it easier to have better control over the services offered and control cost. As a Free Web Hosting provider we do not rely on sponsors or advertising so cost control is important and we do not want to be reliant on sponsors/advertising.

Free UK Web Hosting

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