Singapore stock added

I have been having a group chat with users today as I tend to do every couple of months. Lots of interesting points raised and new ideas discussed. Thanks to all that joined in and made the session worthwhile.

Something that does appear to have upset many is the removal of Singapore in particular as a location offered for free hosting. I have re-iterated my reasons for doing this recently, however, whilst abuse in that location is high I do accept that there are many good users using the service for the right reasons.

That said it is still a time sink for me to manage that abuse. Making the service as streamlined as possible is important to ensure the service continues to operate and operates well.

Now that we have Adam on board to help with the admin side of things I agreed following the Skype group chat today that I would allow Singapore signups again and remove the cancellation of this location. For now, I am committing to keeping it open until 2022 and will review it again then.

As Adam pointed out on Skype, this is still only viable if the abuse is reduced so there may be additional checks that lead to delays in approvals.

I am reluctant to keep going back and forth over location availability when a decision has already been made, but the group, in particular, Sharan was pretty convincing 🙂

Also agreed that we will source a new USA location, preferable east coast but I will see what I can do and update soon.

For those that missed out on today’s group Skype chat you can use the link to connect with me and I can add you to the next chat or you can just use the link to connect with me to chat.