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Web Hosting for History Sites

Of the many sites I see getting built and transferred to free2host the one type that stands out in a big way is Historical websites. We have a lot of users building sites dedicated to a historical event which is great to see.

To encourage more site-building related to historic events which I believe is very important I wanted to offer a bit more towards those users building them.

Either start a new history-related site or let me know about one you have already built or are building and I will provide the following.

  • Increased disk space to 20GB
  • Increased bandwidth to 500GB per month
  • Double RAM and CPU than normal
  • Access to the new VIP support channel
  • Option to transfer from DirectAdmin to cPanel
  • If you move to cPanel, backups will increase to twice daily off-site

Just open a ticket and give me the domain name.