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Cool Service Updates

So the time has come to make the final updates and changes to the site and the service offered, I thought this weekend is a good time to confirm some changes I mentioned a short while back and some new updates that some will like.

Changes to existing services

I mentioned in a post a couple of weeks back that the number of locations is being reduced by the worst for abuse. Going forward the only locations that will be available are in the EU. For shared hosting, the following locations will be available.


The following services will no longer be available from 01.01.2021.

Las Vegas
Just too much abuse and hassle to keep them running.

New services

As a result of the restructure I am introducing a couple of new services that are available from now.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is available in the following locations.

The United Kingdom hosted one of my own servers in Maidenhead.
The Netherlands hosted by Ramnode.
cPanel is being used in both locations.


Indeed, I am now offering free VPS services, these are available in Germany only hosted with Hetzner. These are available now.

Wait, there is a catch!

All services are now only available to UK/EU residents, with no exceptions.
Shared/Reseller/VPS services are now only available by invitation.

The greatest success I have had with this service is not advertising on other sites or relying on people spreading the word (thanks China).

Success has come from the Discord Channel, Skype and other more personal and less obvious channels. Everyone that has come through referral or that I have personally spoken to through the above places have all become trusted users of the service.

Out of over 150 new users, I think 3 have turned out to be abuse. So about 2%. On the other hand, with general signups from those that just find the site through a link or search, 78% are terminated for abuse. Big difference.

New site

Going forward there will be a new website, Available from Tuesday, still the same Blesta and no changes for anyone. But that new site will simply require a referral code, if you have one you are straight in, no wait, the service will be activated immediately.

The new site is not going to be advertised, it will be given out as and when a referral code is issued. Not that it makes any real difference I guess as it’s useless to anyone without a referral code.

This site

This site will remain active for all the other users that still have hosting services and I will update it as required. As I mentioned above, your account will not change unless you use a referral code.

Learning curve

It’s been an interesting learning curve, finding out just how much people abuse-free hosting services these days. I have said all along I am not doing this for ad revenue or converting users to paid plans.

It is just a service I like providing but not at any cost. Today for example and a typical example was someone signing up then immediately opening a ticket with a status of ‘Emergency’ demanding their account is activated as they ‘need it now.

Yeah, not happening 🙂

I have said all along since I started this service nearly a year ago. It is not about volume, I am only interested in the right people using the service the right way.

Final Note

Every existing user that has a service, a valid email and an active website has been sent a personal referral code to use for any of the new services being offered.

If that is you then you will have the email by now, I just hit the button on that before finishing this post. Enjoy! And thanks to those of you that use the service as intended. My Black Friday extra to you 🙂