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Abuse Levels

One element of providing free hosting that you can never truly eliminate is abuse. It is a real issue on Free hosting services. What appears fine initially turns out to be a replica of a Bank Website trying to capture login details for the real website, email spamming and the list goes on. What is always consistent however is where the abuse comes from and which locations are worst.

The data below shows the Hosting Locations offered by and the % of accounts terminated for abuse.

Singapore 79%
Las Vegas 71%
Virginia 53%
Germany 52%
Luxembourg 22%
Netherlands 19%
London 11%

Accurate as of 11th Nov 2020.

Where does all this abuse come from? Unsurprisingly, China mostly followed by some other countries in fewer numbers but still too high.

Also unsurprisingly the three locations with the least amount of abuse have the most users and active sites all being used as I would want them to be, blogs, stores, forums and much more.

You guessed it!

The bottom line is that I spend too much time chasing abuse. As always this service is a gift from me to those that need it. There are no ads, no catches, just free hosting.

The solution is quite frankly simple, invest more in the locations that work and withdraw from the locations that don’t. In addition, block all the countries that abuse the service most.

So from 31st December 2020 Singapore, Las Vegas, Virginia and Germany will close. Those that are following the rules and running legitimate sites will be able to move to the three remaining locations that will have their capacity significantly increased.

In addition, the services will be only be offered to residents in the UK/EU going forward which will together with the removal of the locations above remove the abuse almost entirely.

Sorry, it has come to this and the only reason is abuse. I have spent 3 hours today killing accounts, dealing with excuses and generally spending way too much time on abusers whilst other users wait longer than they need to for an answer to their tickets.

As an added advantage, closing these 4 locations will not only mean more capacity in the others, but I will move the savings made into offering cPanel hosting in the UK and Netherlands which a lot of people have been asking for instead of DirectAdmin.