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Stock update

Just a quick update on the availability of services across the locations, some are getting quite full, some in fact are whilst others have quite a bit remaining.

London/Germany/Las Vegas

All ok in these locations at the moment. Germany is surprisingly quiet, it may be that towards the end of the year this location is removed in favour of increasing capacity in a more popular area.


Virginia is at capacity, Singapore is filling up as is Luxembourg.

Reseller Services

Both locations offering reseller services are full at the moment. It will really be based on cancellations for now so I can’t say when stock will be available and of course the minute there is stock it is gone.

If you have a good use case for reseller services and you are an existing customer then open a ticket and let me know what you would use a reseller for and I may consider allocating the next available package to you rather than simply offering it openly to all.