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Location Performance Review

I keep getting asked which location is best, fastest and so on. It’s a difficult question as there are so many factors to consider, however, I can give you my own unbiased view based on using each location.

How it can be unbiased you ask when I own the service? Well, it’s a free hosting service, not like I can encourage you to purchase it 🙂

These are simply my own views bases on my own usage, and, yes I do have sites hosted in all locations so I can experience any issues that may get reported.

I will rank the locations in order of which I believe are the ‘best’ performing in terms of hardware and general feel of each.


For me, Germany is top when it comes to performance, uses NVMe drives, good processor and just feels incredibly fast and snappy. I suspect this is in part because the server appears to relatively quiet from the system stats I see. Although I put it at the top it is in fact the least popular of all locations.

The 1st location to get JetBackup installed. Germany uses MailChannels for mail delivery and also uses LiteSpeed and LSCache which helps with performance.

Next to no issues in this location in the last 6 months, very reliable.


On a par with Germany, using NVMe drives, again a strong CPU and feels as snappy as Germany. A very popular location. I have a couple of sites on this server, this site being one of them.

JetBackup is available and LiteSpeed and LSCache is available to give it a boost. I am probably a bit bias on this one simple as I am in the UK so like to use servers close by.

A couple of hiccups in the last few months, no downtime at all though, another very reliable option.


Placing these two joint 3rd, performance is good, possibly edging towards great in Singapore but definitely not as good as Germany/London. For general use as the service was intended neither location should offer any issues.

They do both have JetBackup and use LiteSpeed and LSCache but I find when you start to use mySQL you notice a bit of lag now and then.

Had one issue with downtime in Virginia during the last 6 months, only lasted about 20 minutes. Singapore has had 100% uptime in the last 6 months.

Luxembourg/Las Vegas

Both of these locations are trailing in terms of performance, not that they are bad, just very crowded which always hinders performance. You really start to notice it when using MySQL, can get quite slow if you are running anything like WordPress for example.

Standard backups are provided here, with no JetBackup available in either location.

Whilst they do both use NVMe and have LiteSpeed it stops becoming a benefit when the servers get so overcrowded.


Germany or London, for the best I have to offer, Virginia/Singapore are great options but Luxembourg or Las Vegas only if the location is key to your needs.

Hope that helps. I know it’s not much help but there are too many factors to tailor this for every individual need but it offers some guidance at least 🙂