selective focus photography of grey electronic control panel

Change of Control Panel

At the beginning of the year, I started out with Blesta as the main client panel for this service. I ran into issues with it and decided to code my own and for the last 6 months, it has been working fairly well with the odd false positive resulting in some being suspended or banned. The automated system is not perfect by any means.

The whole point of coding my own panel was simplicity, automation and allowing the service to run itself with as little human intervention as possible.

Six months later that is still the case but as with any developing service such as this, the needs grow. I have a long list of improvements and additions that need to be made. The issue with this is that any time saved and more is then being spent coding which defeats the purpose.

The reality that I have come to realise in the last couple of months is that Blesta or WHMCS have the majority of the functionality I need and what it does not have I can add.

That is what I have done, built 3 plugins for Blesta that cover the functionality I want for this service that it does not provide. The end result is that I can tick off 80% of what I was going to code for the previous panel as it already exists in Blesta.

So it is back to Blesta we go. The positive is that the majority of users were able to be imported in. All that will be required is a password change and you will all be asked to do that on 1st log in to the new panel.

For a few, I have just sent an email explaining they will need to register as there were issues with their details that meant the import could not be done, only about 38 accounts which are not too bad.

I have got quite a bit to update on over the next few days to a week so for now, I will leave it at that, just wanted to keep you up to date in case you have not received an email or realised what is happening.