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Change is Coming

As always I am grateful for the comments received over time, although there have been many suggestions over the last few months I just wanted to update on what is happening over the next few weeks rather than surprise everyone by it just happening!

First of all, I have been looking for a new home for the site, tried a few hosts over recent months, Hetzner, InceptionHosting, Vultr amongst to mention a few, but for various reasons I have decided to stick with DigitalOcean. It’s not the cheapest option by any means but it works well for everything that goes on in the background.

I have been planning a new site design, which is pretty much ready but then Laravel 8 arrived so I decided to update that first and get it out of the way, it caused a few headaches and there are a few to come in the future but for now all fine. I really want to move away from Laravel, just becoming too much of a hipster, change by the day framework.

The site design will be implemented as I have a window of opportunity, not really the most important job.

Now the most important elements from your feedback which I will deal with individually.

Accounts being banned without notice.

A side effect of the automated nature of this service is that many checks are carried out, automatically by the system. This results in false reports, which then leads to suspensions and bans that are also part of the automated part of the process. No manual intervention is required hence it can happen incorrectly.

The reason it is so automated is due to the high level of abuse, as a free service, I don’t really want to be spending all my time dealing with that. However, what I have changed is that no account can be banned without manual review, suspensions can and will still happen without review though. I get that the most important element is that accounts are not banned without review and discussion.

No notifications that an account has been suspended or banned.

This is something that has come up several times, the issue is that although you require an email address to reset a password, that is the only purpose it is used. People don’t want emails from this service was the early message I got. That said, there is no other way to handle issues that come up. Currently, a suspension takes place, if no action within 7 days an account is terminated.

The complaint I get is that nobody knew and the termination took place before they could address the issue.

So going forward, when an account is suspended or terminated, an email will be sent to the address provided. In addition, the suspended/banned notice will note the reason why.

Unclear terms.

Another common item is unclear terms, I have listened and changed the wording and updated the terms generally to something I hope is far more clear, any other feedback let me know.

Location, location, location

Again, I have listened to the comments and concerns raised around the removal of locations, to cut this one short I have opened Singapore again to new orders, going forward the previous notes around suspension and bans should make the process smoother and ensure people are better notified of any issues and reduce any confusion as to why accounts are being removed.

Hopefully, that clears up some of the key areas, there are a few more things in the works, I will update on these once I get these items dealt with.