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Should you trust a free host?

A question that comes up a lot with free hosting is if you should place your trust in it to be there tomorrow? It is an easy one for the provider of any hosting to answer, that is, none of them will tell you it won’t be available and you shouldn’t worry.

My own view is that you should sensibly treat any hosting service paid or free like it won’t be available tomorrow.

I can list many paid services that disappeared overnight without warning. Whilst you can place a lot more trust in a service you know or those that have been in business for a long time there is always a risk.

The biggest issue you will always face with any host is the safety of your data. If you can’t afford to lose your data or it would take a lot of work to replace it then ensure you have backups of your own. That way, the worst-case scenario is some downtime whilst you find a new hosting service to upload your data again.

I have seen hosts that I use myself and would consider as ‘bullet-proof’ as they come, but drives fail, data is lost and sometimes even their backups which you have no direct access to can be corrupt.

So should you trust a free host? The true answer is no, but then you should trust no host with your data.