Service Move

01st August 2021

We made some changes a while back to use our own hardware in the UK for all new signups.

We continue to retain existing services with HostMantis and a couple of other providers to ensure users on those services have no service interruptions.

At this point, all of our focus is on the UK and users in the UK. The desire to continue supporting services that are not our own has diminished. Largely due to the fact we have no control over them as they are simply reseller plans.

The way forward for us at least is to continue focussing on the UK market and only the UK market. In addition, we will only use our own hardware. So much more flexibility and control that way.

What Jason and I (Lee) have done is to create a new website with a new domain name. That site will offer more than we do today but it will also be a 100% invite-only service. There will be no other way to get access to it. Benefits?

When we can spend our time only managing the hardware and supporting customers I feel like we will have won the battle of providing a free, reliable service that is not used or seen as an opportunity to abuse our goodwill.

We have spent a significant amount of time building out the new site and services, those who have access to it are loving it so far. It is a totally bespoke system built by Jason and Lee. Yes, for those that remember the very first system we built ourselves and used here, it is the same but better :)

Thanks to everyone who made this service successful from its inception in 2019. Now it is time to move to the next level based on lessons learnt and offer more.

This site will be closed on 31.08.2021, if you have services on the new site your account has already been transferred and an email sent with you details.